Being somewhat new to the whole blog posting scene, I didn’t realize there are now blog spammers. I’ve gotten two now, about a month apart. I enabled comments because I have some friends who read my stuff once in a while, and I figured I would give them a chance to post. I left it on registered only, because I didn’t want a bunch of mindless drivel from any schmuck who wandered in. Yay to me, know I get mindless spam from registered users! Users who appearently register for the sole purpose of spaming blogs. I’ve never liked spam. Not in it’s physical manifestation, nor it’s digital one. Now I’m “moderating” the comments that come in, which I didn’t want to do. Thanks spammers!

Now, on to my real post (that above was just spam hating spam). Yeah, haven’t updated in a while. Been really busy with work and home life. I got to go to Kansas City, though! Not only that, but my job footed the bill! Can’t beat that with a can of spam. KC is a pretty cool place, although I didn’t get to see much of it since I was actually working in St. Joseph. I didn’t realize how BIG it was, though. I knew it was spread out across two states, but I wasn’t aware when they said “spread out” they meant urban sprawl at it’s finest. Anyway, it was a nice change of scenery. Got to see the Mighty Mo’ several times, though I was told it’s low right now. Never been to Missouri, so now I can mark that state off the list. Just fourty-one more states to go!

Ah, the holidays are almost upon us. The time to eat ourselves into a coma and exchange gifts. And football! I’m in a fantasy football league and currently tied for first place. The team I’m tied with is my opponent this weekend, and they are a powerhouse of a team. Of course just two of their players make up the majority of their points, and one of those players is on a bye week. This actually gives me a fighting chance of winning this week, although a slim one. Still, it would be sweeter than honey to steal a win this weekend.

I love this time of year. I like winter. The crisp, frigid air is a welcome feel to me. Unless the wind is blowing. When the wind is up, the crisp frigid air can kiss my blue, frostbit ass. Not really sure where this fits in, but I’m putting it in anyway. I think winter is a very under-appreciated season. And before anyone gets smart, yeah, I know we are still in fall. Bite me.

Well, I guess I better get back to work type things. Just wanted to update and let everyone who reads this (two people, I think besides my fanclub of spammers) that I’m still alive and well. Oh yeah, death and taxes to all spammers!