I’ve actually been sitting on this for about three weeks to a month now.  The coolest case to bear-hug my iPhone is the Recession Case from Case-Mate.  This case does it all.  Houses your iPhone? Check.  Allows access to most of the ports on your iPhone? Check.  Cost under a dollar? Double check!

That’s right.  For less than a dollar, you too can have your very own recession inspired iPhone accessory.  Check out the pics below:

Case-Mate will even personalize the back of the case free of charge.  I think they are using the “Hobo” font, but I’m not entirely sure about that.  It could also be “Ten-Year-Old Scrawl” or “Written With Feet” fonts.  They are all so similar.  You can see in the picture of the back of the case above I added a message to anyone who might stumble across my phone telling them exactly what they are holding in their hand to ward off any confusion.

I love this case.  It’s probably one of the best dollars I’ve ever spent.  It’s both clever and unique, and it pokes fun at iPhone users all at the same time.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?  Well, just about everyone else, but what’s the fun in that? Honestly, let me know, I haven’t tried it but I’m looking for a new hobby.