It seems that what was once a trick play a team would pull out when they were way behind or way ahead has become a weekly mandatory play.  Is this some sort of NFL marketing gimmick to somehow make a game more exciting?  If it is, hate to tell them but when every team does it at least once per game, it tends to wear down the shiny coating quickly.

What really baffles my mind is how effective it seems most of the time.  I would figure that nine weeks into the season defenses would be able to read that play by now and know how to counter it.  On top of that, almost every team in the league is jumping on the bandwagon and the media can’t seem to shut up about it.

I hope the newness wears off soon and that defenses start to pick up on it quickly.  Honestly, if the running back were good enough to be a quarterback in the NFL, he would be a quarterback in the NFL.