My faith was faltering.  I was beginning to get complacent thinking that people couldn’t do anything dumber than I had already seen.

Boy was I wrong.

Seems there is a new alcoholic energy drink on the market that is the current drinking fad for all those barely legal to drink (and probably those that aren’t).

Four Loko.

You have to hand it to marketers.  They take a liquid whose color isn’t found anywhere in nature, tastes like a bag of skittles mixed with jet fuel, call it something like Four Loko and manage to make it fly off the shelves.  They are geniuses.

Anyway, it seems college students have “been sickened” after drinking Four Loco and hospitalized.

Imagine that, college students “sickened” after drinking and even hospitalized.  I thought that was a college requirement.

Washington and Michigan don’t think so.  They have banned Four Loko, calling it an unsafe drink.

Why?  Because of the caffeine?  Caffeinated alcoholic drinks have been around for much longer than these. (Sparks has been around since 2002, although they pulled the caffeine in 2008 due to pressures from a watchdog group).

Is it the sugary sweet flavor?  Doubt it.  There have been sickeningly sweet alcoholic beverages around for longer than I’ve been alive with higher alcoholic content than Four Loko (which I will now refer to as FL since I can’t stand that name).

No, this is a knee jerk reaction that will do nothing but inflate the self worth of a tiny few who think they are bettering the world by making decisions for others.

Look, college kids drink.  College kids get drunk.  College kids sometimes get really drunk and then get sick.  An unfortunate few get too drunk and get hospitalized and/or die.  It’s tragic, but it’s life.

Banning a product that has no more inherent danger than other products of its kind is stupid.

They should ban it because of its name.