There’s nothing like a six month hiatus.

I thought that graduating would give me some free time.  Being terrified of free time, I decided (well, actually was required to keep my internship) to enter a grad school program.

Free time problem eliminated!

But what to do for the summer?

Oh, I know!  I’ll get a new job that will require me to move to a major metro area, but not move the family down until the next year.

Done!  I’m getting good at this.

Yep, I will no longer be at the pencil factory as of the beginning of June and I’ll be moving to the Plano area for my new position.  Fortunately, a good friend has agreed to house me for a while as I get the family prepped to move.  He has no idea what he’s agreed to.  Hehehehe…

Oh, Rob, don’t read those last few sentences.

So I’m slowly getting back into the writing and socializing thing.  I’ve even posted a tweet after more than a year.

Baby steps.