So my first week at my new job is complete.

Most of the week consisted of new hire orientation stuff and getting up to speed with the company policies, benefits, etc.  I got to meet the team I’m going to work with.  They all seem to be pretty good people.  This week will get busy as the actual training begins and goes for the next five weeks.

The rest of my week consisted of me getting lost.

A lot.

Some of it was caused by missing turns because I wasn’t paying attention due to looking around.  The rest, the vast majority, was caused by missing turns due to construction.

I’ve never seen so much highway construction in my life.  It boggles the mind the number of major byways crippled by the vast number of construction projects going on.  It’s more than annoying, and when I got lost after being diverted due to construction closing an entire highway Friday night, I decided to get a GPS.

This was a major concession for me.  I never get lost.  But I also know when to admit defeat, and the stupid amount of construction right now is kicking my ass.  Especially when some construction diverts to highways with more construction.

Everything else is going well.  Really miss the family, but that was expected.  I’ve been away for a few weeks at a time before, so I know what to expect.  The real test will be in a few weeks.  They are coming to visit in about a week, so I’m looking forward to that.

That is, if they make it through the maze of construction.