I’m embarking on a new project.  Well, actually I’m revising a project that I put on hold a while back because I wasn’t satisfied with the way it was coming out.  I’m still commited to telling the story of Aftermath, but I wasn’t satisfied with the artwork I was putting out.  My skills had atrophied from years and years of non-use, and I just don’t have the time (or rather, motivation) to hone them back.  I’ve always been interested in 3D modelling, so I decided to go that direction with it.  I’ve been looking and experimenting with various programs, and the ones I’m seriously looking at now are Daz Studio, Bryce, Blender and SketchUp.  I really like the way SketchUp works, and the raw way it looks with textures in place.  I’m still experimenting, and I’ve got some books on order to get started.  I’m bascially going to use this site as my journal documenting my progress, that way I can look back and keep a record of how things are going.  It will also keep me motivated to continue, I hope.