Wow, it’s been a month since my last post.  Uhg, been so busy.

Anyway, on to the whole point of this post.  I’ve been working on my general health and well-being for the past six or so months now.  I’ve changed my diet and started exercising, and have gotten various results while tweaking things here and there.

By tweaking things I mean totally ignoring my healthier habits and going back to my old ways for several days.  Then I work my way back to my healthier eating and exercising and do it all over again.

I had been eating well for a while, then the holidays hit and December was bad.  Then January had New Year’s along with several birthday parties, but I didn’t do too badly.  I got back to eating right again and then my schedule changed and I wasn’t exercising like I had been.

So I decided to do a (very non-scientific) experiment.  I was feeling pretty good on my diet.  I wanted to see just how much better I was feeling compared to my old diet.

So I went back to my old diet.

Holy crap.  I’ve been on my old diet for two weeks now (and a few days), and I feel like hammered dog crap.  I also haven’t exercised in almost a month (scheduling conflicts), and it shows.  I’ve lost about three months of results in a little less than a month.

So, experiment done, I’m going back to my new eating habits.  I’ve also gotten a home workout program that I’m starting today.  It’s a popular one, runs in 90 day cycles and I’m sure you can figure out which one it is from there.  I’ve talked with people who have gotten good results from it so I’m giving it a try.

This post is my accountability.  I’m on notice now, so if I look the same in three months, call me out on it.

And then tell me to wipe the nacho cheese from my chin.