I’ve started a new workout program. It’s a popular one with X in the name.

The X stands for: oh my goodness I can’t get off the floor.

I started Tuesday, and got through half the first workout.  It was a chest and back workout.  I decided to stop when my arms stopped working.

The next day was plyometrics.  That’s ancient Greek for “jumping torture.”  About a little after the halfway point my legs decided they didn’t want to lift my weight any longer.  They decided this midway through a squat jump and dumped me on my ass.

I swear I heard them laughing.

Day three was arms and shoulders.  I actually finished this workout.  I did almost pass out, though.  Oh, and I was a little ill afterward.  Again, I hadn’t eaten for a while before and was working out on an empty tank.

I do enjoy the fact that the last exercise was basically me flopping on the floor like a fish.

I’ve taken the last three days to recover.  My legs were the worst.  It seems the last few months have been a vacation for them and they have gotten sloppy and lazy.  They wanted to let me know they didn’t appreciate the things I was putting them through by being incredibly sore and not wanting to work properly for two days.  Chairs were a fun experience.

I’m feeling better now, and I’m going to get back to it tomorrow.

At least if my body decides to cooperate.