One of the services I started using was Bing.  I still use Google, but less now because Bing does a really good job (in some ways better than Google, such as image layouts, travel information and media previews) and they have a rewards program where you get points for searches and other things and you can turn those points in for gift cards and other rewards.  My current goal is a three month Xbox Live card.  I’m about half way there.

I hit Bing today, and there was a notification ready for me.  I click on it and it’s about Bing rewards going mobile.  At this point, I’m excited.  Since I use a Windows Phone, Bing is the default search engine so when I click on the search button at the bottom of the phone, I’m using the built in Bing search app.  However, those searches didn’t give me points, and I do a lot of searching on my phone, so I was losing out on a substantial number of points.

As I said before, I was excited to read that Bing rewards was going mobile, until I saw this (emphasis mine):


My question to Microsoft is this: How is it that the mobile platform that you created is the last to get integration with a service that you created? Why the hell would MS take the people who are supporting them and their products and stick them on the bottom of the pile? I understand wanting to capture as many iPhone and Android users, and I fully support that, but don’t do it at the expense of your existing users; that makes them feel like second class users. The better thing to do would be release the mobile rewards for all platforms at the same time if you didn’t have the Windows Phone users ready to go yet.

I really hope this isn’t a vision of things to come. MS has a new CEO and are heading on a new path for the future, I just hope they don’t forget the users that have supported them in the past.