I started using Comic Book Creator to layout the comics for ScreenCap Comics (in fact, the “How It Should Have Happened” segment was all done using CBC), however I have since switched to Comic Life because it’s quite a bit more flexible.  Comic Life has it’s own problems, and I’m looking at some other software at this point to see if that will fit the bill, but I digress.  I wanted to do some slight editing of some of the HISHH comics, but had done an OS reinstall since I had used it last and didn’t have it installed.  After digging through archived email for a half an hour to find my product key, I slap in www.mycomicbookcreator.com (the site I originally got the software from) into my browser’s address bar and what comes up?  What comes up is a page saying that now I can use MashOn for everything I once did in Comic Book Creator, but for free!  Except edit comics that I have already created.  With software that I paid for.  Software that I cannot download from their site any longer, because they don’t offer it.  I try www.planetwidegames.com (the publisher for CBC) and it sends me to mashon.com.  Great, I now have paid for software that I can’t use because I can’t download it from the people that I gave the money to.

It’s not like this software is old.  I ordered it just a little over a year ago (April 2008 to be exact).  I have no idea what posesses a company to dump the customers that have given them money like this, but it’s crap like this that probably makes people a little gun-shy when purchasing software from smaller publishers.  When I buy software from Adobe, Microsoft or Sun, I’m fairly certain that those companies aren’t going to up and dump their product a year later for something that’s online and advertisement based.  I could also understand if the company just didn’t make it and had to close its doors.  But that’s not the case, they are still running and offering what I paid fifty bucks for now for free online a year later.

On top of that, if I actually do happen to find the software, if I remember correctly there is also activation that has to happen with their servers online.  I’m less than confident that those activation servers are still online (which is a model that game companies are going to which has bitten me in the ass as well with Hellgate:London; it’s a model that I and others are not happy with). So basically, I paid fifty bucks to rent software for a little over a year.  The least they could have done was buy me flowers and candy before they screwed me like that.