Yesterday was Independence Day.  The day that signals a burning desire to light off sparkly explosives.

Like these:

I do have one question, though.  Why does it seem that all the patriotic music played during fireworks shows are either marches or country music?  I’m not a fan of either, although marching band music is preferred if I had to pick one.  There is only so many times that I can hear Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith (I had to look that one up, as I have just a general idea of what the guy sounds like.  I thought at first the singer was Trace Adkins, but I was mistaken) without my brain melting, and I get to hear them every year at least once a year while watching colorful explosions.

Is it like this everywhere else as well?  I would love a refreshing change one year where I don’t have to endure just country and marches.